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Design & Marketing for your business

Do you have a business or just starting out? Do you need a designer for your brand or marketing strategy?
A logo or a website? Social media or google ads? Sales or brand awareness? Guess what. You are on your way there..

Logo design & Brand identity

Do you want your business to stand out? Of course you do! Everybody wants this right? The thing is that not many business people truly realize the power of a good brand image and brand identity. It’s not just a nice logo. It’s so much more. If you don’t truly understand or appreciate the dynamic of a visually strong brand, then most probably we cannot work together.

if you wish to stand out. go to logo design

Website Design

You have one chance to make a good first impression to your potential customer.
And this is when a possible customer lands on your website. It’s a similar scenario with one jumping into your physical store/office for the first time. Do you want it to look good? Do you want it to look sharp? Do you want the customer to find what he is looking for? I bet you do. Continue to website design section.



Small - Medium enterprises want to show their presence as fast as possible in the most cost effective way. If you don't have big plans for your website you are here.

950 starting price
  • One scroll design
  • Menu
  • Device responsive
  • Contact form


A complete website solution that usually fits for most businesses. Custom sections and features available. Additional tools can be used to help you achieve your online customer experience and service.
1500 starting price
  • Multiple pages
  • Device responsive
  • Blog Section
  • Contact form


Eshops are meant to sell. Your eshop has to have all the features and zero faults that will allow your customer to make the purchase. This is not easy if you don't already know it.
2000 starting price
  • Multi pages
  • Shop page
  • Product page / Checkout
  • 10 Products upload
  • Products upload training

Digital Marketing

Posting without a strategy is similar to living without a purpose. An online presence is required as you know very well, but do you sometimes find yourself in a dead end and don’t know what to post?
Do you sometimes find yourself trying so hard with social media, google ads, newsletters but the results are not what you expect? These are very common problems for most business people.

Let's plan your strategy.

Maybe Facebook will not get you the results for your business. Maybe you are spending too much time and effort on Instagram. Maybe your Google Ads are not performing as should.
Let’s talk and see what you want and can achieve according to your budget. You set the budget and we make the most out of it.

Strategy & supervision

Save money and resources by a tailored marketing strategy and supervision.

You might have spent so much money already but haven’t seen the results you were expecting. You sometimes have a team of members doing the social media tasks like Facebook posts and Instagram but feel that you need more stability and maybe strategy to your efforts.

An in-house like marketer that reviews and advices on your marketing activities.

You have only one chance to make a good impression online.

That is why, the design of your logo, website and marketing communication matters

Meet me.

I usually introduce myself as a designer. I find the word Marketer cheesy. I have been in the design and digital marketing for almost 10 years.

I design nice things, and help businesses find customers, sell their products, tell their story, make their brand stronger.

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