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The ingredients for a good brand identity.

What is Brand Identity?
It’s a designed identity that introduces and keeps communicating your business, your product, your service to the world with a predefined visual characteristics. It’s the colors, the fonts, the design elements, the words, the shapes, that will make the crowd – your potential customers – associate with your brand.
Brand identity is the consistency of design in all forms of communication towards your niche.
It’s the posts you publish on social media, it’s the brochures you print, it’s the ads you create, the collaterals, the take away bags, the mugs, the bags, your delivery trucks, the uniforms.

All has to be aligned to communicate your identity, your status, your industry and at the same time, make your presence strong.
Why do we all remember the colors of McDonalds, the colors of FedEx, Amazon, British Airways? Because they simply communicate their brand identity in every possible way.

Facts about logo

A brand’s logo needs to have relevance to the market it refers to (that is your customer), the product or service it represents and finally your business values. Your business status. Your business approach to things. Relevance is the key and the answer to why a coffee shop logo and an Investment Firm logo look different. Its because they are designed to introduce a service.

A logo needs to introduce something and communicate the business. It is not designed to be pretty and fancy and cool. It is not designed to be loved by people. It is not designed to be adored by you, your wife, your mum or your uncle.
It’s designed to say who you are to the target market.

The core identity of your business starts with a solid brand identity.

Remember this. Your logo is not meant to be liked by you, your family or friends.
Your logo is not designed with the cause to be liked.
A good logo is designed to serve your purpose and be the FACE of your business. Not everybody loves my face, your face, your girlfriend’s or boyfriend’s face.
Beauty is subjective.
A good logo is supposed to communicate your business identity, character and be relevant to your business, industry, values, personality, impact you want to make, vision, target market.

A good logo has to be remembered. A simple design is required. Simple shaped, bold characteristics, minimum colors are applied to achieve this impact within a minimal design.

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